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Album Fundraiser

The most popular program we offer is the Album Fundraiser.
SMArts gives your School everything they need to record an album. Your album is sold instead of candy bars or cookie dough.
Your School's Visual Arts classes can provide the album cover art, the Business classes can provide the business plan and marketing plan, and your Audio/Video classes can record the entire process.
The entire program can be used as curriculum, learn real-world lessons and see the results in real-time.
The best part is every participating Student will have a tangible momento to look back and remember this special event.



As if the album wasn't enough, the participating Students will open for a recording Artist or group in a concert venue in your area. Even at your School if you want!
A video of the entire event from beginning to end will be recorded and professionally edited and made available. This will include everything from the behind the scenes content, celebrity interview with the recording Artist or group, Student interviews at Radio and TV stations, as well as Podcasts and local magazines and newspapers!



Your School will have the opportunity to design and sell your own merchandise, and the SMArts project will take care of all the details.
Just tell us what you want.

band members did a good job advertising

What are the details?

Your School earns money from Album sales, merchandise and ticket sales.
All costs to make the program happen is paid by the SMArts project up front. 
The program is risk-free for the School, Students and Parents. And, unlike other Fundraising programs, there is no need for Parents or Staff to participate unless you want to!