Internship Opportunity

Hey everybody!

This is Big Randy, Founder of the SMArts project. 

We started the SMArts project to respond to the need so many Music Departments have when the time comes to purchase equipment, instruments or just finance a short trip for a Student performance. There is also no real “end of the rainbow” event that showcases the hard work and talent for Students taking Music classes. 

Every Student genuinely working hard on a goal deserves their 15 minutes of fame, and that’s what the SMArts project does best. 

Being a new nonprofit there are always a million things needing to be done. One of the biggest is putting our program description into a smooth and easy to read format. This will be used to describe the program on our website, as well as printed material. 

We are looking for a person with a Marketing mentality to complete this task. If you are interested in further tasks, there are many as easy as this. Also, if this is a field you are seeking to journey, we would love the opportunity to talk to you about being part of the team. 

Should you live in the Hampton Roads area we will be able include you in the program, either as a volunteer or as a member watching the process grow. 

As an Intern with the SMArts project you will be able to be included in every program you assist with. This means you will have access to all albums provided to the School during the program, as well as two free concert tickets to the concert as well as the video at the end of the program year for that School. 

Positions higher in the program can be included in album and video credits, as well as other product compensation. All these will be included in communications prior to services rendered.

If you are ready for this challenge, just contact me here on the website, or email me here

Thanks so much for your time reading this, and I look forward to being in contact with the next great talent who will help us make stars of Hampton Roads Students. 

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