Meet the Team

Randy Russelburg

Founder, Executive Director

Randy is a US Navy Veteran and the Father of two girls who went to High School at the same time. For over 20 years he has also provided security and transportation for many Artists and groups you listen to every day. 
He has committed his experience and resources to bring an unforgettable experience to High School Music Education.

Randy Russelburg

Jennifer Bradley-Serina

Director of Operations

Experienced, trustworthy, fun. These are just a few of the ways people close to her describe Jennifer.
With almost 20 years experience providing services for adults with disabilities, she brings a very unique and valuable life of experiences to the SMArts project.

Randy Russelburg and Jennifer Bradley

James Dwyer

Director of Communications, Chairman of the Board

James Dwyer is a Veteran of the US Navy serving as a Hospital Corpsman during Operation Desert Storm. After serving eight years, James received his honorable discharge and pursued his A.S. in Criminal Justice.  
He worked in private security industry for an additional eight years, this is where he met Randy Russelburg. During the rise of the .com industry James changed careers and would work for top leaders in telecommunications and internet technology until 2018.  
Later deciding technology was missing the reward of helping his community and decided to return to school and the medical field spite being twice the age of his fellow class mates. James is now an EMT and First Responder in Florida and currently serves pediatric patients with special medical needs. All while keeping his duties at the SMArts project.

Randy Russelburg and James Dwyrer
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