During the Quarantine

Hey y’all! 


Big Randy here. 

I know things are a bit weird right now, but look at the bright side. You’re gonna be able to tell some great stories to young people when you get older! 

Things are tough now for a lot of different people in a lot of different ways. I’m not even going to act like I understand every single angle of the Quarantine. 

But, in the meantime, we’re doing everything we can to still bring you some good content while you’re not able to be in Music class or if you’re out of touch with some of your Music Teachers. 

Personally, I’m hoping at the end of this the people with the big jobs in the Government see how valuable Teachers are and give them the raises, funding and supplies they need to make all of us the best people we can be. 

The whole reason the SMArts project is here is to make good Students better. Because with better folks graduating High School, you make the world a better place. 

As I'm banging my head up against a wall trying to figure out how a Music Education nonprofit can help y’all with Schools being closed, I finally figured out I can reach out to some of my friends in the Music Industry for some ideas. And one of them was to get a little Music advice from some of the most successful names in the Music Industry. 

And as I receive them, ill post them on the website and social media for you to look at when you're ready. 

Until we get everything figured out in this mess, thanks for all the communications from Schools and their Music Departments from all over the country. And if there’s anything we can do to help out a Music Teacher, you can contact me directly on the contact page of this website. I love hearing from you. 


Stay safe, and take care of you and your family and friends... 


Big Randy 

Mr. Joe Bonsall from

the Oak Ridge Boys

For all the years I have been working in and around the Music Industry, I have personally ran into Joe Bonsall only a handful of times. But, every interaction with him was just like meeting your friend on the sidewalk in town. Nice, humble and approachable. Don't pigeonhole him as just another (metaphorical) pretty face on the Oak Ridge Boys.

When I had the Podcast Tall Tales in Music Mythology with Jonathan Gluff a few years back I had contacted him for some input on a piece I was doing, and he was more than helpful.

One other time I wanted to ask a few questions so I could use it in an interview for the SMArts project, again he was more than helpful.

And here I am again bugging him for a third time for a video. LOL

But, Joe really has a passion for Music, and performing, and it shows.

He is a very good writer, and you can tell when you read his book Forty Years of Untold Stories and Adventures, ON THE ROAD WITH THE OAK RIDGE BOYS. You can also see it on his website.

Joe is very active on Twitter, and he's pretty famous for his Ban-Joey on YouTube

Of course if you want to soak in some of the Oak Ridge Boys love, there's plenty to get. There's the Oaks on their website, Twitter, Facebook,  and the Instagram

One last thing. Joe had written a bit on the Oaks website that really hit home, It might be worth just a minute of your time to read.

Thank you again Mr Joe Bonsall for helping me once again, you are the image of a Country Artist all others should strive to be.

Mr. Grant Maloy Smith

American Roots Writer, Singer & Musician 

Be sure to check out Grants website to see his performance schedule and everything he has going on in his world. 

I have quite a few friends who are Writers and/or Artists in the Music Industry. But, I have to say Grant is in my all-time top 3 Writers of Music. He really does just go in for the kill in his writing. Just so good. It's an absolute pleasure to know him.

Grant can be seen on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Reading his Wikipedia might surprise you too!

Mr. Blaine Stewart

Morning & Noon Anchor on 
WTKR3, and Afternoons on 94.9 The Point

Blaine Stewart anchors on WTKR News 3 and WGNT 27 every weekday morning from 4:30 to 9 a.m. and again at Noon.

We we contact Blaine about making a short video for us, he jumped at the chance. Showing he is a man who cares about his community, and is active in its progress. He could not have been nicer about the whole thing.

When he’s not in the newsroom, you can find Blaine binge-watching “The Office” on Netflix, trying out new recipes in the kitchen, or going on spontaneous road trips. You can also hear him on your radio, playing some of your favorite songs on Z104 and 101.3 2WD.

You can follow Blaine on his Twitter, Facebook or Instagram pages.

We look forward to working with him more in the future!